Are you interested in a hand-drawn portrait of your four-legged friend?


I would very much like to take on this task!

 I try to represent your animals as naturally as possible. The drawings should reflect the very personal character and the individual expression of each individual living being. It is very important to me that you can recognize your favorite in the picture.

 Just contact me and we can discuss all further details.




Order placement and order procedure:


If you have decided to take a picture of me, please let me know in writing by e-mail. We then discuss the format, the material, and other details as they would like the portrait.

You send me your individual wishes and send me your photos best by e-mail.

Your data will of course be kept strictly confidential.

The photo templates should be as good and detailed as possible! The more accurate, the better! The animal should be clearly visible, the exposure must fit, the photo must be sharp, so that each individual detail can be seen exactly

It's best to send me several photo templates, and we'll choose the best one.


Important information about the photo templates:


The quality of the photo templates is very important to achieve good results!

They have to be as sharp and detailed as possible! The sharper the better. It is important to pay attention to the following points, so that I can also make a nice drawing of it:

The photo must be meaningful! The head of the animal should be well centered and the eyes should be well visible. The eyes are very important to reflect the personality of your favorite!

            ·          Please make sure that every detail is visible. The more details I can see, the better the end product (for example the hair of the mane, the tail, the coat, ...)


          ·         The photo should be as sharp as possible!


          ·         Pay attention to a good exposure !! The animals are best photographed outdoors in the sunlight in sunlight. Light reflections and shadows in the coat or mane should be clearly visible.


        ·         Avoid taking pictures against the sun!


        ·         The picture should not be too dark!


        ·         Pay attention to a correct perspective. Photograph the animals from eye level, not from below, or from above.


·         The copyrights of the submitted photos are to be clarified by the client.


·         For damage caused by unresolved copyright issues, the client is liable.


You can send me the photos by e-mail or by mail. I prefer to send it via e-mail, because I can print the photo right there. The best thing is, if you send me several pictures of your pet, then we can choose the most beautiful picture from it.


Once everything has been discussed, you will receive an order confirmation and I will start drawing. Delivery time is approx. 2-4 weeks, depending on the order situation and depending on the size of the picture.




When I finish the portrait, you will receive a photo of it by e-mail, and you decide whether you like the picture or not. There is no acceptance obligation, but I hope that you are satisfied with the result!


If a customer does not want to buy the drawing, it will remain in my possession.




If my work then meets your expectations, I'll give you my bank details and you transfer the amount paid to my account. Once I receive the transfer, the picture will be sent by registered post as soon as possible and hopefully will arrive safely in your hands.