About Me

My name is Sabine Lackner, I am a passionate animal lover and international artist from Austria.


I portray animals of all kinds, whether horse, dog, cat or wild animal, I just love to draw animals!


My media are pastels, colored pencils, and charcoal / graphite.


I use the highest quality artist materials for my portraits to guarantee the longevity of the pictures.




I am also the proud mother of a daughter and my horse Rubina.

I've loved drawing since I was a child and I've always loved animals! Drawing and painting classes at school were my favorites! Whenever I could get my hands on a piece of paper and a pencil, I drew animals.


I started drawing realistic animal portraits around 2007. In the beginning my horse Rubina was my model most of the time and I started to create lifelike and more realistic portraits and to learn from them.


Today I sell my animal portraits internationally and I am always happy when one of my animal drawings can decorate the owner's walls!