Welcome to Sabine Lackner Fine Art!


 Do you love animals and are you looking for something unique, something special, something that will last a lifetime and give you pleasure? Are you looking for a special gift to bring a smile to someone's face?


 Then you are right here!


 I portray your four-legged friend as lifelike as possible! I draw realistic animal portraits, especially horses, dogs, cats and pets. But I also have a passion for wildlife in every way. Of course, I am also happy about every other animal that I can draw!


My main focus is on the eyes of the animals. They are the access to the soul of the animal and I would like to reflect the soul of the animals on my portrait. I would like to capture the very personal character and the individual expression of every single living being.


I draw my portraits in pastels, coloured pencils and charcoal/graphit pencil.


 I use the highest quality artist materials for my works, which guarantee light fastness and long durability of the works.


 I am looking forward drawing your darling as lifelike as possible on the paper!


Award winning artist

Light Space Time 9th Nature Art Exhibition

December 2019